Kojima Production Apparel Mockup (Experiment)

A Kojima Productions Apparel Mockup Experiment by Obi Sims

 usually don't write in these but this one deserves some explanation.

Kojima Productions went live recently after Hideo's struggles with Konami and their treatment of him.

Their store is a bit bland and the mockups for the Apparel are sub-par, they obviously deserve better than that so I thought I would make something a bit more fitting.

Based off a photo they took of Mads Mikkelsen exiting their offices.
Wanker01.jpg (Experiment)
D. Bruman - Organic Coffee Scrub
Mojito Party
Berlin Bar Business Cards
Akira '88 Lego Poster (Experiment)
Dia De Los Muertos (Latin Halloween 2016)
DJ Mike Constanza (An Introduction)
Mendoza's Social Club's 2nd Year Anniversary
I Want You (to catch 'em all)
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